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I am a Business Administrator and I specialize in Management Childhood Education, a career that I have developed in the last 13 years. Currently I am a Realtor, and I train daily to provide my best knowledge in this area to whoever requests my services.

Part of my daily routines are to work on myself, on my mental health, on my spiritual growth.

I love writing and transmitting through my blog everything I have learned, my life experiences, with the sole purpose of helping others with my words. I believe that all human beings must know each other from within, to heal our bases, know our mission of life and take care of our soul.

I have managed to acquire through my life an inner balance, today I consider myself a happy, grateful woman, blessed with everything that the Universe has given me.

Like every human being, I have gone through joys, sorrows, disappointments, gains, losses ... emotions that have led me to grow, and become what I am today!

I have learned to live in Solitude to know myself more and to understand what my purpose in life is, and every day I wake up reminding myself that if I am here in this dimension, it is to learn.

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